Thursday, 17 April 2008

Super-easy baby friendly banana loaf cake

This is a sugar free, dairy free, easy, yummy, healthy recipe which I use a lot as a baby friendly cake and it is a great way to use up some spare bananas.

1lb bananas
5 oz wholemeal flour
4 oz raisins
3 oz porridge oats
2 oz chopped nuts (optional)
4fl oz sunflower oil
half teaspoon vanilla extract or almond essence

Mash the bananas, mix together with all the other ingredients. Spoon into a greased 1lb loaf tin and bake at 190c for 50-60 mins until golden.
This makes quite a firm loaf but it is lovely and healthy too!


KiBe said...

Thanks so much for this recipe btw, it's fantastic, my 18 month old still eats this all the time and loves it, and I haven't met a baby that hasn't loved it once they've tried it.

My friend makes it was apples, just grating them in instead of bananas, which also works nicely.

dad said...

Is this using self raising flour or normal flour? I suppose I'll find out...

dad said...

Is this using normal flour or self raising?

mumlollipop said...

Hi, I used plain wholemeal flour. It is quite a dense cake so I'm sure Self raising of a touch of baking powder wouldnt hurt!
Hope it turns out ok.

Beverly Woo said...


are the porridge oats, rolled oats? did you grind them first? Thanks!