Tuesday, 14 August 2007

Filled pancakes

Make a pancake batter (any recipe or double up the mini pancakes one)
Make the pancakes then add one of these fillings...

Spinach and ricotta
I used about 2-3 balls of frozen spinach which I cooked for about 5 mins then squeezed out the water and chopped up.
Meanwhile I fried off a finely chopped onion.
Mix the onion, spinach and 1/2 a tub of ricotta ( I reckon cottage cheese would also work)
Spread over a pancake and roll up. Let it cool a bit so it is easier to slice up into rings.

Berries and cream cheese.
I added a handful of blackberries, handful of raspberries (frozen or fresh) and some blueberries to a pan with a tiny sprinkle of sugar and cooke dit on a low heat for 10 mins or so until the fruit had broken down. Let it cool a bit.
Spread a pancake with a thin layer of philly and some berries and roll up and slice - messy but lovely!

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